i can't wait another day!


back to school 2012

  last night we had a pre-celebration dinner at ruby's, opened back to school gifts & finished the evening with father's blessings.  this morning we woke up to: cinnamon rolls, a light drizzle (after a long & abnormally hot summer) curling irons, hairspray & the girls actually got to wear jeans!  the first day was a hit... 
hank started his 3rd & final year of preschool as a seasoned veteran ready to make new friends.  his self portrait is below & i'm loving the placement of the arms.
faith entered 2nd grade with gusto & her only criteria for new school shoes was "can i do a cartwheel in them?"  she was over the moon to find out 2 of her best friends are in her class!
grace rules the elementary school this year in her final year before jr. high, with stylin' glasses, a little blush, butterflies in her tummy & one of her besties in her class too....
i have a feeling it's gonna be a great year!


i spy

a hot guy, a rolling basket & a boy with a bowtie.


grease is the word

we introduced the kids to the original high school musical tonight.  it was a smash.


class lists posted!

  always one of the most exciting days of the new year!


how to traumatize your 4 year old

so these dog days this summer have created a nightmare trying to keep the fruit flies at bay.  i finally got rid of them (thanks to diligent cleaning, tossing & pinterest); but in an effort to make sure they were gone for good, i sat the kids down & told them all about fruit flies.  i explained to them that even if they seemed to be gone, their eggs could hatch 7 days later creating a whole new infestation.  i was basically trying to scare them into not leaving food everywhere!  most of the time i think these "conversations" go in one ear & out the other... but, not this time.  i went to check the oranges i had in a bowl, & discovered one that had gone rogue... hank saw it, & with the widest eyes i've ever seen screamed..
"it layed eggggggggggggggggsssss"!  
i only peed my pants a little bit.


his eyelashes, tight little fists, naked man-baby shoulders & bald bean.  i am pretty sure this is what heaven looks like...


my firecracker

every mom has one.. & frell is mine!


birthday bonanza!

since the baby is coming any day & all my boys have september birthdays, we celebrated a month early  with their bingham cousins!  desirae planned an adorable rubber ducky bash for the babies' first birthday... the bigger boys had a batman cake & got batman toys to last a lifetime.  it was a great summer's eve with family celebrating these four little dudes...