easter sunday 2011

my easter babies
mr. e.b.'s treats
brunch & more baskets at nanni's
dinner & the hunt at allison's
the gardner grandchildren


spring break 2011

this year we headed to the snow for deer valley's closing ski week...

the mountain
all 3 kids skied. grace used to learn poles, faith perfected the snow ball & angel, & hank worked very hard making pizza. michael & i skied a few days together where he lovingly earned the nickname "old dog-turtle". turtle because he would stop on each run to readjust something (everything) & old dog because, well we all know you can't teach an old dog new tricks (i.e. don't wear the thickest socks you own if your boots are too tight & spring skiing does not require 17 layers). we had perfect powder, sloppy slush, storm, sun & so much fun!
the lodge
having skied at deer valley since the year it opened i have seen plenty of famous faces. michael was excited to see a few of his own this year: conan o'brien, president uchtdorf & the man of the slopes, mr. stein erickson. he also fell in love with the lodge's famous blueberry pancakes & turkey chili. but, honestly... how could you not?
the deer
this area boasted 16 deer. the kids love driving around & spotting them. we love midway & it's animals.
provo beach resort
an oxymoron, i know. it boasts a wave pool, bowling, games & a very high harnessed tight rope walk (i.e. give the mom's a heart attack). we stayed till closing on saturday night with all the provo daters... i felt older than dirt.
stein's brunch
a delicious array of fresh fruit (papaya mmm), made to order crepes, omelets, fresh seafood, homemade ice-cream & a well earned tummy ache.