cousin days

my sister allison organized weekly "cousin days" this summer... we've only managed a couple days total with all our schedules, but they have been some of my very favorite. i am so grateful for eternal families & the bonds that we share. i am pretty much a hermit so these relationships are everything to me. i love being able to do, say, wear anything & everything with my sisters.... anything goes & if it doesn't, they are the first to let me know!
love these days....


happy 219

219. midnight pie making with mom!


grace dance recital 2011

grace danced ballet & hip hope this year, it is her 7th year of dancing, wow! she goes back & forth on whether or not she wants to continue, but after this year's recital she told me right after "i want to do ballet, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, jazz & tap next year, k mom?" the recital gets them every time! grace is a little more shy than her sister but when she got on stage this year she rocked it! i could not be more proud of her & i just love being her mom. i love you grace!

ballet... paquita
hip-hop... dynamite

faith dance recital 2011

i can't get enough of this girl & i love to watch her dance. the energy she puts into everything she does is contagious. this year faith was in 3 different dance classes & watching it all come together in her end of year recital is always bittersweet. i adore you frelly!

tap... lollipop
hip-hop... michael jackson's abc!