one month!

& i could not love this little bundle of joy more.

working on my double chin

i'll work on growing hair later.

we gather together...

& give thanks.

say cheese!

the original five

these 5 have grown up together like brothers & sisters.  they fight, laugh, tease, play & can't get enough of each other.  being with them is pure chaos & pure joy.  i love these little knuckleheads.

big sisters are for..

dressing you up to look like a drag queen.


 shinoda, boudin, a carousel ride & some new pilgrims for my mantle!  thanks mom!!!



little bean

you know you are little when you can bathe in mommy's bathroom sink.


nanni & the cousins...

nanni's first time meeting little ricky
 the three cousins... each one month apart!
 kalea, joey & ricky

phirsty & goat

papa took hank on his field trip to the petting zoo.  got lots of video, but not many pictures... so here is one i stole off a video.  my favorite pose ever...

dianne & the bird with papa

papa rick is a creature of habit.  he chooses a hot spot & that's it for the next year, or twelve.  so lately it's been the shack where he is a regular with his own table =).  the shack was the first place ricky went from the hospital & he has spent several mornings there since.  this particular morning, papa introduced him to dianne coke & the "bird".  both firsts, but, definitely not lasts.