me & the boys

last night jane had her little 7th birthday party at wild rivers. hillary took the girls & i spent the afternoon with these two characters. they rode mini congo probably 83 times. i was so hot (9 months pregnant & the irvine sun will do that to you) so we spent an hour in the lazy river; i floated in a tube while they floated in life-jackets... we were a sight! so bummed that they are tearing it down this year to build housing. i am going to miss this place & the decades of good memories.

that's one place to put them

august in avalon

4 days. 3 nights. hotel metropole. descanso nachos. free ben & jerry's. big sticks. snorkeling. inter tubes. big olaf's. portofino's. antonio's. hawaiian french toast. laying out. fish & chips. haunted house. jacuzzis. diet cokes. andes mints. turndown. instant oatmeal. "up-bagels". extra towels. dramamine. mini-golf. taxis. peel & eat shrimp. jumping off the platform. the pier. sand toys. sand dolphin. the "hummer". vons express.
august in avalon...

happy 223

223. sunday naps.

end of summer

summer is winding down....we are busy squeezing the last few days of laziness in.


happy two

be married to you.
thank you for loving me & being my better half in so many ways.
i love you michael,


my little fish

i cannot get enough of watching this little guy swim. even when he was really little, you would look underwater and he always has a huge grin on his face. i hope that never changes!