kindergarten questions

"mommy... why do we have to go to school on soggy days?"


happy 195

195. shrinky dinks with my peeps.



hank's 1st day of school recap: when i dropped off the girls, he was devastated that i didn't drop him off also, until i convinced him that i was not holding him hostage, but that he was going to "hanky's school" aka "miss dianne's".
relieved & ecstatic, he sauntered in there like he owned the place, went straight to the toy room, turned to me & said "have fun mommy"! he colored "orange", read books, had snack & messed his pull-ups, but made up for it when he told miss dianne "i love you".
that's my boy.


recital 2010

since we were in the middle of a move, i think i also lost my brain & did not take enough pictures. grace's were lost altogether. but, it was a great year & the girls were fabulous!

potty training

not going quite as i planned.

labor day

frelly practiced her back flips on the trampoline bungee
we all rode park city's new ride the alpine coaster.... it was crazy fun!
& on our return flight home, frell got a little tangled in her earphones


happy 194

194. never liked the homemade prom dress, but i've always loved the movie.

school rules

the "veteran"
the "rookie"
our final moments before kindergarten... sniff, sniff.
the rainbow carpet, where frell managed to do some yoga poses.
the classroom
the naughty little brother who pooped his pants during orientation
ms. markel (or as i've always lovingly known her, "harpo")
little rascals on campus
old friends
the new kindergarteners on the playground.
best friends
new memories
after school snacks
& a new season begins.

happy 193

193. shopping at costco.