the wheels on the bus

michael & i were a tad bit concerned about this picture frelly drew for us...  until she showed us what it was... "the horn on the bus goes beep beep beep!"

laughing out loud

side bangs

gracy is growing up...






happy 237

237.  that i never have to take the glucose test again!


i can do it...



boys will be boys

we were waiting in the car for michael to grab some groceries from ralph's when before i knew what 
was happening, hank had jumped out & was peeing in the bushes.... i tried to catch him with his pants down, but wasn't quick enough.  this is him fleeing the scene of the crime...


our week in utah

we went to utah for the week of the 4th of july... a major bust!  because of wildfires all the fireworks were cancelled!  we brought the kids up so they could be in anthony's wedding, which gave us some alone time to introduce ricky to the land of milk & honey, but it was bittersweet when they weren't with us.  we consoled ourselves by eating our way through the mountains & the valley.
(this note was left for me after a meal of boxed macaroni & cheese from frelly...)