life with frell...

...in a nutshell!

our favorite field trip... again!

it's that time of year... the preschool sea world field trip (the cheapest way to see our favorite sea creatures). this year katie, larry & sophia joined in the fun. the weather was perfect & so was the company!
can you hear the music?
the sea otter show
i will never look at one of these the same after my brother in law was bit on the head by one scuba diving... hahaha.
hank insisted on holding my sweater... the whole day.
front row seats to shamu!
my favorite part of the day, the rapids ride.
the dolphins
sesame street playground. the kids were in heaven!

martha & co.

it was a family affair. unlike the little red hen's peeps, everyone in our family did something to help make this jam .... just call us martha & company =).


the auditorium

i can remember vividly the school auditorium from when i was a little girl: learning how to tie my shoes with 100 other kindergarteners, the smell of all the school kids in one room, the microphones, the padded walls & the excitement of an assembly... now it's my turn to cheer on my little elementary school girls! grace was awarded a special award for "fairness" & frell nailed her speaking part as "betsy ross" in the kindergarten patriotic performance! cameras snapped & video cameras filmed as each parent cheered on their favorite little mako.


super hank

celebrating six

for frelly's sixth birthday we spent the afternoon at the beachcomber. six years & so many things i love about her. here are a few of my faves...

1. how she hits the ground running from sunup to sundown
2. the way her smile lights up a room
3. her sensitivity
4. what a good sister she is to her siblings
5. her sense of humor
6. the way she can shake those little hips!

i adore my little fireball!


happy 211

211. i recently discovered this blog. reading it, makes me drool.

flashback to summer... part 2!

the children's mood was quickly lifted as we picked up hillary, henry, jane & max, just minutes after michael's helicopter took off.
hillary braved the ferry trip over alone, i had told her it was a piece of cake (jane threw up the whole time!)
our "car"
hanging out by the pier
max's makeshift shelter
my favorite picture... it brings me back to my childhood & the simple, sticky, sweet pleasure of a popsicle, yum.
christy & her kids also joined us for a few days
these tourists wanted a picture with the kids, hank wasn't so sure.
we even convinced jake to head over. we look polygamist.
the kids stole my camera...
playing with rocks
outdoor massages
rolling down a grass hill
unfortunately out of the 2 weeks i spent there, the day they came, it was overcast =(
over the limit? nah.
waiting for buffalo burgers.
afternoon naps on the beach.
michael came over for a night so we took an evening boat ride to see the flying fish... it was amazing!
that's a big olaf!
mini golf
snorkeling with daddy
till next year...