mister cool breeze

on september 21st my baby boy turned four. he was king for a day on his b-day with an impromptu party at chuck-e-cheese. since the day he was born he has brought nothing but pure joy & love into our home. he loves to cuddle & we spend lots of lazy mornings together in my bed reading books & playing with matchbox cars. i cherish these days & am grateful for 2 more years with him until he starts kindergarten... if i could i would keep him at home with me forever...
i love you phirsty cool breeze for always... as long as i'm living my baby you'll be.


happy 224

224. alter-egos.
this is a pilot costume, but when hank wears it he is .... captain america.


back to school 2011

cinnamon rolls, vegan sausage & fresh peaches started off our early & exciting morning! the girls were ecstatic to meet their new teachers & see all their friends! i was sad to see them go, but happy that they have adjusted so well to all the changes life has thrown at them during their little lifetimes. michael took them to campus & hank stayed with me for a bit & colored before his first big day! when it was finally his turn, he was thrilled to be back in his routine of preschool with miss dianne.

when i went to pick them up, they were so hot that their little faces were bright red & their hair was plastered against their heads after walking up "the stairs"; faith was especially ticked off because her shoes hurt her (she gets that from me). hank came home completely worn out & crashed in the car only to wake up sweaty with a head & tummy ache. a quick trip to rite aid for children's tylenol & after school activities started again in full force with a soccer banner order, last minute shoe shopping & 2 hours of dance. i am grateful this year for my new car, better gas mileage, dvd players & tinted windows!

despite the heat, the bomb threat at sc high school (that made me decide my kids are never leaving elementary school) & the fact that 95 degrees & me at 36 weeks don't really agree the first day was a success! we celebrated at ball park with pizza, $15 worth of games & 3 pitchers of water!

i love these babies... & thank heavenly father every day for the privilege of being their mother.


last day of summer

& it was a scorcher. grace went shopping with a friend (it's happening already!) while firsty, double, papa & i beat the heat with subway & a little pool time...
tonight we had 2 soccer practices & celebrated the night before school with an end of summer bbq, father's blessings, lunch packing, laying out clothes, painting nails & me trying to make a back to school banner (thanks to katie, it actually happened)!
i think i am more nervous/excited than the kids are!


teacher postings!

class lists were posted. let the countdown begin...