designed beautifully

if you have been in my house you have seen this beautifully crafted print of
now... my darling sister in law desirae is selling them for only $25. you send her your favorite family picture, and she will create a digital copy for you to print. check out her new blog here!


best friends

i keep reminding these girls that before they came here, they were best friends... always have been, always will be.

happy 183

183. little naps, big style.

happy 182

182. fitting 4 kids in one plastic pool.


happy 181

181. trampoline


end of school-year festivities

frell threw off her preschool graduation cap at the beach
gabby celebrated the end of 2nd grade with a "patriotic performance"
hank was there for the party.


nanni's 80th birthday!

for nanni's 80th birthday all her children & adult grandchildren spent a day in her honor. we took the train from san juan to santa barbara to have lunch on the pier at a fish-house. the weather was gorgeous, (aside from the wind) & we spent the day laughing, crying and sharing memories from the past. nanni (maria) is an amazing woman with a rich history & i am blessed to have her in my life.
~happy birthday nanni~


mama & daddy

that's what they call us.
this is how we celebrated...

the preschool mother's day brunch
breakfast, white roses (my favorite) & gifts in bed, complete with a rendition of "all the single ladies"!
a surprise breakfast at a's burgers
complete with a blindfold
& free entertainment