a midway summer's eve

i love mountain summer nights. last night the kids & i took a long walk & enjoyed breathing in the clean, crisp air, rolling down the golf-course greens, laughing, holding hands & enjoying nature.


felice compleanno

michael's birthday was celebrated in park city this year. i took him to one of my favorite summer restaraunts in deer valley (royal street cafe) where we dined on pulled pork, veggie burgers, made from scratch pizza, homemade icecream sandwiches & of course the famous carrot cake.

toward the end of dinner, storm clouds crept in, the thunder rolled & the wind almost swept us away... thank goodness for to go boxes,
& hot fudge we tried our luck at the alpine slide, only to be stranded at the top for about 25 minutes until we got the green light that the rain had stopped... the kids loved it, all four of them!
summer chairlift rides, one of my favorite things michael & his bellasme & mine
grace got to ride solo... it only took her 2 hours to get down.
large ham & frellicious me & stank we stopped & ate caramel apples, did some shopping at the outlets (michael got some new running kicks for his upcoming 1/2 marathon) & ended the night in true italian style at ghidotti's (another family favorite). michael opted for, in his words "simple, traditional, spaghetti & meatballs"... what a dork!
but a smart dork.
the candle had to be re-lit 3 times thanks to frell & hank. michael made his wish as he welcomed a new year of life.
happy birthday sweetheart. i love you.



growing up without brothers, i always wondered what it would be like to have a boy in the family.... now we've been blessed with a handful of them & i'm pretty obsessed!


one year

last weekend we celebrated our one year anniversary of being married. we spent the weekend at the ritz & celebrated with my favorite thing.... good food!
chilled melon salad with saki infused citrus sorbet.
warm apple cinnamon beignets with maple syrup
pomegranate lemonade
home-churned mint & chip ice cream
chocolate cake
warmed berry shortcake
& our one year anniversary wedding cake!


happy 192

192. sprinkles taste-testing a favorite family past-time.

36 hour girl trip

where else but vegas?



this will inspire you.
if you don't mind crying a tear or two in front of your computer... go to this amazing family's blog & read about their recent tragic loss of their 9 year old son, and how through faith, they are an example to us all.

happy 191

191. spinning. a little intimidating & a lot of fun.