happy 232

232.  alyson vaughn made me this necklace to celebrate our newest upcoming addition.  it's pretty much my favorite baby gift ever!


la quinta

nothing gets your mind off the real world like joining the weenigs for a weekend at la quinta (thanks to my sweet, sweet mom).  after becoming one of the 1,000,998,000,000,574 victims of obama's booming economy, we needed a mini-vaca.  we braved the 2 hour drive (confirmation that our family is NOT road trip friendly... & i rarely use caps).  we arrived at the new embassy suites in la quinta & wasted no time getting our suits & our tans on.  armed with the biggest diet cokes, sun-hats & bottles of sunblock ever we got to work playing the weekend away!  when it came time to leave, we couldn't brave the horrific holiday traffic, so we booked another night (at a different hotel); after an unfortunate incident involving a spider on my pillow & a pair of dirty underwear, we decided to pack back up, drive as fast as we could out of palm springs & back to la quinta... for one last night in paradise.


hard at work

being 8 months old is hard work... i have to: give dirty looks, taste & throw, eat chinese food off my highchair & rearrange the furniture.  
i think i'll take a nap.


i love facials

they just make my hair so pretty!


lion's & tigers & boys.... oh my!

the party planner extraordinaire missy white planned the cutest "sister shower" for hillary & me!! i was so busy having fun that i forgot to take more pictures... some of the highlights were: the cousin caravan, the amazing food truck, nicole's chocolate fountain, abalone beach, the attention to every little detail (safari everywhere) & celebrating phil & sam the little cabooses!


spring cleaning

chore #1: organize the cars, dinosaurs, bugs, superheros, books & puzzles.... check.


i scream

for ice-cream!


train ride with daddy

& for a couple of california kids that is a really big deal!


mommy's day

~ these four angels are my greatest treasures ~