inside the box

sick of living in it. i want to unpack and stay somewhere awhile.


one little old lady's bouffant hair do.

the captain & his girls

pumpkin squares with cream cheese frosting, homemade chili, cornbread, mini kit-kats, root beer, makeup, dress-up, glow sticks, black cats, trunk or treat...& an appearance from the cast of the love boat.
~happy halloween '10~


happy 204

204. jamie young lamps.

happy 203

203. hope "from the withered tree... a flower blooms".
Frank Brault, Ireland.


dear larry...

...you are my hero.
happy veterans day =)


happy 202

202. the beautiful thing about crossroads is that they change you. they force you to rethink the direction you were headed, chart a new course on your map & see things you didn't see before.



i am so proud of my hubby for finishing the los angeles rock & roll 1/2 marathon. he did it with kim (who came out all the way from illinois ) & anthony. larry, the kids & i got up before dawn to surprise him on the sidelines. larry is a "super-fan" & always charts the course when his kids run so he can cheer them on at several mile markers... without him i probably wouldn't have made it past the el toro y.
the cheerleaders
screw the goo... lick a lolli!
mile three
the trio
the mini trio
super-fly super-fan
high five, mile five
mile eight (& another high five)
a victorious & very sweaty finish
although his 1/2 marathon wore me out more than it wore him out (me & the sunrise don't really jive) it was amazing, even from the sidelines.