happy 201

201. secretariat.
do you give the horse his strength, or clothe his neck with a flowing mane... he laughs at fear, afraid of nothing.... in frenzied excitement he eats up the ground, he cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds (job 39)


happy 200

200. the serenity prayer
grant me the serenity to
the things I CANNOT change
the courage to change the things
& the wisdom to know
the difference....


happy 199

199. dinner at nanni's. nanni is sicilian & has the chops in the kitchen to prove it. she makes a spread that could feed the neighborhood. we always leave with a trunk full of the best leftovers you've ever eaten! hanks' dinner was: veggie lasagna, breaded eggplant, sausage & peppers, bread, sauteed zucchini, lemonade & ice-cream.

happy 198

198. late night shopping. whenever we are on a date we always end up at: target, the walmart or albertsons for a spell, (much to michael's chagrin). in my defense, i have to make the most of my time "away". so, michael followed suit & made the most of the time too... he dropped me off, parked the car & came cruising in (scowl intact).



happy 197

197. some days i forget what makes me happy, which is why i started my "happy posts", but whenever i look at these faces...
i remember.

happy 196

196. cooking in the fall. this is my new favorite apple crisp... made in a skillet!
(recipe found in cook's illustrated september 2010 issue)


hank turned three...

& his one birthday wish... "i want diapers"

for preschool i made 2 chocolate cakes & in all hank's 3 year old wisdom & glory, he took chunks out of both.... the result? one cake & a load of frosting.

his birthday morning started with a family breakfast party... eggs, ginormous cinnamon rolls & juice. he got some toy story loot & off to disneyland we went: we danced, ate at pizza port, drove cars, flew rockets, shot lasers, met an abominable snowman, found ourselves in the middle of a pirate shoot out & had a very scary confrontation with a giant gorilla in a rainforest.

happy birthday hank... you are pure joy.