cupcakes & cousins

with the help of minnie & buzz we partied hardy...
* happy 2nd kylie & happy 3rd henry *


halo's opening day!

going to baseball games has held a special place in my heart since i was a little girl. my dad has had season tickets since the early 1980's. i can vividly remember our seats, the cracker jacks, hot dogs & the little old lady who sat in our row wearing her team jacket with all the pins, ringing her bell. on the ride home, i always fell asleep to angel talk... & my dad carried me to my bed (even if i was fake-sleeping).
this year marks the first year that my own little family has our very own seats & opening night was perfect! as we were walking into the stadium a fighter jet flew low & tipped it's wing, we sang & danced, we put our hands over our hearts during the national anthem, there were 2 home runs in a row, plenty of cracker jacks, lots of peanuts, & the night ended with fireworks & us in an almost empty stadium after everyone had cleared out. we listened to angel talk on the ride home & michael carried the little ones to their beds... i am so excited for my babies to have these same wonderful memories that i enjoyed as a child.
let the games begin!


happy 176 & 177

176 & 177. free samples & red velvet frozen yogurt!


easter 2010

i call this look when he saw his basket... "what is the meaning of this?"