happy 209

209. max's helmet makes me love him even more.


happy 208

208. she taught me how to shave my legs, dance to madonna, apply mascara, drive a car, change a diaper & especially how to see the good in every situation. i love you allison.

merry christmas to all


happy 207

207. tangled.


faith's christmas list (as dictated to michael)

snow sled
stuffed santa
*chocolate santa
*(easter) peeps
toy elf
cupcake maker
wheely shoes
ipod touch cover
american girl doll horse (i won't ruin this one)
*barbie mousekateer
*framed picture of you (because i miss you when you're at work)

love.. frelly

(i put a * by my personal faves)


balboa bay club

srs labs christmas party

charlie brown

almost everything i own is in storage, but christmas still must happen, so i splurged on a 4 foot tree from target. in an effort to surprise the kids i put it up in the middle of the night.
laying in bed, i heard this:
"what is this?"
"this isn't our real tree is it?"
"why is it so small?"
later that morning i asked frell what the problem was?
"mom, grace & i woke up & saw the tree & it was so small that we just panicked".

happy 206

206. jim henson's dinosaur train makes my little ones very happy.


with her double knee replacement, my mom braved the low japanese dining table. the children absolutely loved it & when dinner was over, hank (ever a gentleman) helped grandma out of the hole.

p.s. hank's pink snow boots= mommy being fiscally responsible... sorry buddy.



we were lucky to see our favorite family from illinois over thanksgiving... the kids can never get enough of their cousins! tangled was sold out, so we did the obvious alternative...
yes, i have skills...

night sledding

"a really really bad idea" according to frell.

thanksgiving day

sundance, utah.


the storm

coming into the eye
killing time with "vintage" toys
lots of bathroom stops
we're not in cali anymore
warm & toasty, tired, but happy
heading up the canyon
home safe
& waking up the next morning to see this...