back to school 2012

  last night we had a pre-celebration dinner at ruby's, opened back to school gifts & finished the evening with father's blessings.  this morning we woke up to: cinnamon rolls, a light drizzle (after a long & abnormally hot summer) curling irons, hairspray & the girls actually got to wear jeans!  the first day was a hit... 
hank started his 3rd & final year of preschool as a seasoned veteran ready to make new friends.  his self portrait is below & i'm loving the placement of the arms.
faith entered 2nd grade with gusto & her only criteria for new school shoes was "can i do a cartwheel in them?"  she was over the moon to find out 2 of her best friends are in her class!
grace rules the elementary school this year in her final year before jr. high, with stylin' glasses, a little blush, butterflies in her tummy & one of her besties in her class too....
i have a feeling it's gonna be a great year!