how to traumatize your 4 year old

so these dog days this summer have created a nightmare trying to keep the fruit flies at bay.  i finally got rid of them (thanks to diligent cleaning, tossing & pinterest); but in an effort to make sure they were gone for good, i sat the kids down & told them all about fruit flies.  i explained to them that even if they seemed to be gone, their eggs could hatch 7 days later creating a whole new infestation.  i was basically trying to scare them into not leaving food everywhere!  most of the time i think these "conversations" go in one ear & out the other... but, not this time.  i went to check the oranges i had in a bowl, & discovered one that had gone rogue... hank saw it, & with the widest eyes i've ever seen screamed..
"it layed eggggggggggggggggsssss"!  
i only peed my pants a little bit.